STS Government in partnership with Authentic8 ( announces that is has been awarded a 20,000 user isolation browser by a Government organization.  Authentic8’s Silo browser is the main component that will allow the Government organization to transition from a traditional web browser platform to one that is completely isolated in the cloud significantly reducing end user threat landscape.

By selecting Silo, the organization can employ “follow me” policies directly within the browser, covering identity and access management, data policies, and compliance audit and oversight.  Internal tests validate that customers have reduced load on network and devices, as well as improved their compliance and incident management processes.  With Silo, customers can centralize controls directly in the browser, rather than relying on a cocktail of multi-vendor solutions to try to manage employee use of the web.  By thinning out the portfolio of existing complicated and expensive point security solutions, IT organizations can return to what matters most – enabling the business.

For more information on Authentic8 Silo, please contact STS Government for a 30 minute webinar.