Reclaim the Browser. Regain Control.

Browsers were designed for open, available communication without any concern for security or enterprise-class management. As we move forward into the 21st century, the internet has become a web of interconnected services and devices. But under the hood, it is still built on a vision of a “friendly environment” while the sophistication and volume of Internet-based exploits continues to grow.

Browsing the internet opens up every person online to cyber attacks, regardless of the personal or professional nature of the users’ activity. As attacks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and as the repercussions from security breaches become more severe, governments are being forced to focus on prediction and prevention, not just detection and recovery. The browser is the most frequently used online attack vector, with the vast majority of exploits coming from executed web code run from a web page.

That’s why Authentic 8 offers the Silo browser, the browser for a zero trust web. Traditional browsers run on blind trust. Silo can assume zero trust because it runs in the cloud.

Every page view means risk. Web code cannot be trusted. Silo restores your trust in the web through isolation, control, and audit of the browser’s operations.

All web code is run from our cloud servers. Nothing touches your endpoint so untrusted endpoints can’t corrupt your environment or data.

IT-defined policies are embedded in the browser profile. Control the browser and govern use of the web, just like you would any enterprise solution.

Silo provides centralized, comprehensive, and encrypted audit logs of all user and admin activities. Reduce your compliance and oversight costs.

The nature of the web has eroded IT’s control and ability to mitigate this risk in professional settings. Browsers let users mix work and personal content, accessing cloud applications from any device or location. There is no single network, gateway, or device that allows IT to manage the risk of web browsing. Yet IT is still held accountable.