Data Protection. Redefined.

This is a new platform that restores rapidly, saves money with cloud economics, and enables data reuse.


Pure Optimizes Everything

Effortless acceleration and consolidation for all your workloads, comprehensive data protection, and true hybrid cloud operations. That’s Pure.

Accelerate your mission-critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed all the complexity of legacy infrastructures. Build a data-centric architecture that delivers enterprise reliability and automation without compromising on innovation. Optimize your cloud environments with industry-leading automation, efficiency, and Evergreen® savings.

Unlock hidden insights in your data, in real time, with massively parallel performance, rich data sets, and real-time data pipelines. Instead of 10’s of disparate data silos, enable elastic scale and broad data sharing for everything: AI, machine learning, and other modern analytics approaches.

Optimize Everything Production
Bring the next-gen power of shared accelerated storage to your data with a data-centric architecture.

Next-Gen Analytics
Power your analytics and AI initiatives with modern, data-centric architecture for storage.

Pure Data-Centric Architecture for applications helps to unify your data so you can innovate fast — in the cloud and on premises.